One Piece Bolero | Scarf

Individually hand cut and sewn in our Brunswick studio we carefully take the time to treat and pre-shrink all of our fabrics.

This is a zero waste, multi form, one size fits all pattern.

The unique buttoning allows versatile wear, giving you the opportunity to wear it your way, as a bolero. as a back buttoned crop, as scarf, or as a wrap.

We are a label that takes the time to listen and believes that 'fit' is a relative concept, something that is personal to the wearer. With this in mind all the garments are gender-fluid. Wear our pieces how you will, fitted, loose, however you deem to be your choice of perfect 'fit'. By purchasing a Scott Benedictine piece, we enter into a kind of collaboration together. We’ve spent careful time on every stitch, but its true form shows when You put it on.

Made To Order. Please allow up to 14 business days for its careful construction.

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